Where do the trees come from?
The trees come from a tree farm in the Eastern United States.

When are they cut?
The trees are cut less than 1 week before they arrive here for pick up. That means they are very fresh.

How do I pay for the trees?
We accept cash, checks made out to BSA Troop 197, and all major credit cards.

Do you deliver?
We can deliver within a 10 mile radius of the lot.

Do you pick-up after the season is over?
Unfortunately, we don’t. Murfreesboro residents may drop off their tree to be recyled by the Urban Environmental Department at the old Farmer’s Market location next to Cannonsburgh Village.

Can I pick out my own tree at the lot?
Yes, we will have the trees sorted by size. You can select from any of the ones in the size category you purchased. The earlier you arrive the better the selection.

How much of the profit goes to the troop?
100% of all profits go directly to the troop. The labor to sell and distribute the trees is donated by the scouts and parents in the troop.

How do I know it will be a quality tree?
One of our troop leaders has researched for years to find a quality tree farm. The tree farm is operated by a private individual who has been providing great trees for over 15 years. The tree farm is very supportive of the scout program.

What are the profits used for in the troop?
Troop 197 holds an outdoor activity 12 months of the year. These events include backpacking, jamborees, service projects, and much more. All of the activities are designed to teach our youth about outdoor and leadership skills. All of these events cost money for gear, food, travel, and camping fees. For more information check out the troop website at BSATroop197.com.

Will someone help me load my tree?
There will several scouts and adult leaders at the tree lot to help you out.

Will you wrap or bundle my tree for me?
We have netting and will wrap the tree before helping you load it on your car or put in your truck. This keeps your tree safe on the way home.

Do you have other kinds of trees besides the Fraser Fir?
No, we selected the Fraser Fir because of the consistent quality, good looks, and durability.

How long can I expect the tree to keep its needles if I keep it watered?
Many customers have told us that our trees still have their needles and are not dry even after Jan 1st. A tree can absorb a gallon of water or more in the first day and quarts a day thereafter. Watering vigilantly will keep needles from dropping and will keep the tree fragrant. The more you water the longer your tree will remain fresh.

More questions?
Please contact us at: trees@bsatroop197.com